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Unboxing My Trezor – The Bitcoin Safe

12 buy

Today, after a year waiting, my package finally arrived, from their e-shop, it is now selling at USD $119, I remember my original price was 3 BTC for metallic special version, and 1 BTC for the plastic version (current retail product).

For anyone who do not know Trezor, Trezor is a hardware key lock (like a client-side certicate generator) device which will greatly enhance your access security on Bitcoin wallets (either web wallet or standalone local wallet) supporting thisdevice.

Unboxing my package

2014-08-09 10.07.41

2014-08-09 22.12.03

2014-08-09 22.12.29

Setup My Trezor for the first time

Here are the overall steps occurred in my first setup

  1. Download plugin for browsers
  2. Update Trezor device firmware via browser
  3. Setup my Trezor wallet account
  4. Record my recovery seed for my wallet

Download plugin for browsers (per OS)

This plugin will allow the browser to talk with my trezor device, as in the following step, there will be many action require interactive action between the trezor and browser.




Firmware update

When I first plugged in my device, a message box was prompted for the firmware update from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1, and as you can see, the browser was interacting with the device for the action to download and install firmware to the device.


2014-08-09 22.27.51

2014-08-09 22.28.20

2014-08-09 22.31.18

Setup my Trezor web wallet account for the device

OK, now I was ready to re-plug my device for the access. Here was the screen when I plugin the device, this was a setup screen for my account.



When I clicked continue, I was asked to enter my PIN with my mouse, you may notice that the PIN digit number was hidden as “?”, in my first trial, I entered the PINs with keyboard, and I was getting PIN confirmation error, I then discovered the PIN number button was actually displayed on the device screen! And I must use my mouse to click the web button to enter.

5-3 setup PIN

2014-08-09 22.36.31

Record the recovery seed on paper

After entering my PINs two times, the device continued to display series of word (12 words in my setup), these was called the “recovery seed”, they are used to recover the whole wallet information (it is your wallet ownership) if you happen to lose the current bitcoin wallet.

6-1 recover seed

2014-08-09 22.42.40

2014-08-09 22.46.14

Accessing my wallet for the first time

After above setup, I was finally ready to use my account! When I re-plug my device, the site was automatically accessing my web wallet homepage without any PIN and or any authenticating actions. This is much easier than any transitional web authentication!


When I try to “Change label”, I was asked to confirm my action on my Trezor device.

7-1 change label

7-2 change label

2014-08-09 22.50.39

Sending Bitcion

Since I do not have any bitcoin in my wallet yet, I can not continue sending, but I believe the PIN number will be asked for all critical actions.

9 send bitcoin


Wipe my current bitcoin wallet

There was a red button to wipe the wallet data and re-setup the web wallet to the device. As in my test, a device is only allowed to connect to one active web wallet each time, so this action was given for people who want to reset the wallet. I believe after wiping out data, the old wallet can be restored or imported to the current active wallet with the recovery seed.

10 wipe device


After wipe out, when I re-plug and enter the my trezor wallet, the same setup screen was displayed.

11 new setup again


A short summary

With this little Trezor device, it make me easy to access my wallet without even memorize any password, but at the same time, I can physically hold my key for wallet access, it is just like a key to my home door! In my test, I think there are only two types of device authorization actions:

  • Confirm or Cancel a minor action from the device to the Client (Bitcoin web wallet)
  • PIN password with the device for any critical actions (PIN change, account identity data change or Bitcoin sending…)

I tested it on Windows 7 IE 11, Chrome, and Mac Firefox browsers, they all worked with the plugin, there is only one version of plugin per OS, and I do not need different plugin installation for different browsers.

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